The width of wood flooring only matters from an interior design perspective because it affects both the appearance and perception of a room. It can make a room look larger, smaller, serene, or hectic. This is a personal choice with no right or wrong answer.

Choosing Plank Width

First, decide on your goal. While you can't change the measurements of a room, you can certainly change the atmosphere with wallpaper, paint, furniture, and hardwood planks.

Do you want a light, airy, spacious atmosphere or a cozier one? Is there anything you want to highlight? What is the overall style of your home? Do you have a particular preference for wide, narrow, mixed-width, or even a variation?

Traditional planks

Solid hardwood flooring boards usually measure around 2-¼-inch to 3-inches wide, and those are versatile and work in any atmosphere. Over time, however, planks have gotten wider and wider, and they are currently trending. Some go as wide as six or 24 inches, and, of course, the wider the plank, the fewer the seams.

They can make a small room look even smaller, though, and a wide board can also distort the proportion, so it's best to keep the width around six to eight inches. By the way, that's where mixed-width variation comes in; some have long, narrow rooms but still want a wide plank no matter what; they'll hire an interior designer to create a pattern that will even make. You can also use lighter woods and stains.

Your choices are better with larger rooms, especially if you add some visual interest with mixed-width boards. Whether your space is large or small, come to our hardwood flooring company to help you choose the correct size.

Choosing hardwood flooring is a significant investment for your home, and it's not just about selecting a color. No worries! Rice’s Capitol Carpet professionals will help you get the best one for your needs and style. Our showroom is in Marshfield, WI, and we work with homeowners in and around Spencer, Stratford, Auburndale, and Pittsville. Be sure to ask about your wood flooring free quote!