Everyone loves hardwood floors, and residents of Marshfield are no different; they have natural, classic beauty and are long-lasting, versatile, and add value to your property.

Are you looking specifically for trees that grow around the area? Some include silver and red maple, scrub oak, aspen, black ash, yellow birch, American elm, and some cedars, but feel free to come into our hardwood flooring company to explore our extensive inventory.

Why choose local hardwoods?

Many want wood flooring that comes from their area because the tree is more easily aligned with the climate of its new home. The tree already "knows" the site and the climate. There won't be a drastic adjustment, say, if you bought one from a sunny and humid Southern climate up to the cold, rainy and snowy North.

Since wood can be damaged by excess water and moisture, that can lead to warping, cupping, and crowning. It's necessary to ensure their humidity levels are aligned with yours, which is why all wood floors need to be acclimated before installation. When it comes to your area, it just adds another level of protection. We want your wood floors to look beautiful for a long time!

What is acclimation?

For solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood, opened boxes are left in the room where the floors are installed for three to five days. The room should be climate controlled with no excessive air conditioning or heat. If you have any questions about this, please seek the advice of a flooring expert.

Yes, even engineered wood should be acclimated; it is more stable and better able to handle water, but it’s also often installed as a floating floor. This means it hovers over a subfloor, and no chance can be taken that it could become unbalanced.

For over 31 years, this award-winning family-owned and operated company has been the go-to place for all things flooring, and we'll give you tips on keeping it looking beautiful for years to come. We carry brands you know and trust like Shaw, Mohawk, Johnson, and more; browse our selection of hardwood flooring, and get a free quote while you’re at it. The Rice’s Capitol Carpet showroom is in Marshfield, WI, convenient to Spencer, Stratford, Auburndale, and Pittsville.